Experiment. Curious. Dare yourself.
Come visit us and enjoy a different visit to a different winery.
You will not regret!

Unforgettable moments

To visit Pagos de Araiz is to discover an impressive château-style winery located on the outskirts of the medieval town of Olite, discover its vineyards and the importance of the work that is carried out in them throughout the year, and enjoy the interior of the winery discovering the process of making its white, rosé and red wines, full of nuances and personality..

This winery is located in a spectacular setting in which to walk in amazement with a glass of wine in hand, in which to create personal, unique and unforgettable moments.

To visit the Pagos de Araiz winery is to appreciate and feel the philosophy of Masaveu Bodegas to understand the culture of wine through the amazing combination of art and nature.

Personalized experiences

Pagos de Araiz offers an infinite range of possibilities to celebrate a working day with all the necessary means to guarantee success and leave an indelible memory in the participants.

This winery offers a multitude of interior and exterior spaces to turn work meetings, product presentations and any company event into an authentic experience, managing to surprise attendees with a unique environment and a professional service that takes maximum care of every detail.

The different dining rooms and the impressive views over the vineyards make Bodegas Pagos de Araiz the ideal space for events and family celebrations.

Unique environment

The views of a sea of ​​vineyards in which the magic of the sunsets of the Navarra Wine Route marks, with intense colors, the passing of the seasons, stands out in the surroundings of the medieval city of Olite.

Noble stone mansions follow one another in a labyrinth of narrow streets inside a walled enclosure in which the Royal Palace of Olite stands out, declared a National Monument. The Harvest Festival (first half of September) is an exceptional time to visit Olite and learn more about wine by visiting the Vine and Wine Exhibition Centre, located in Plaza Teobaldos.

The surprising Mediterranean climate has made Olite a reference when we talk about rosé and red wines -young, Crianzas and Reservas- protected by the Designation of Origin Navarra.

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Experiment. Curious. Dare yourself.
Come visit us and enjoy a different visit in a different winery.
You will not regret!


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